Top website designs – and why they’re awesome

It takes a user less than a second to form an opinion about your website and your brand, correspondingly. Are you sure your homepage gets things done?

Today, a website serves as a brand’s business card and has it all: a story, visuals, product catalog and more. The first impression of the website will affect your conversions (and sales!) heavily. A study from Adobe reveals that 38% of the users will leave the website because of poor design and content. Thus, you can estimate easily how much money one loses due to unattractive “package” of the brand.

A good homepage reflects the brand and its nature through visuals, colors, fonts, content, and other page elements. As well, it normally corresponds to the latest trends in design, which change every year, bringing in something new for both the users and business owners.

Below you will see the most stunning examples of an excellent branded homepage that 100% reflects the brand and its message.


airbnb website design

Airbnb is the most popular platform for short-term rent worldwide. It’s reliable, secure, easy, and fast. But besides that, the service has a special atmosphere of friendliness about it. Once you enter the website, you immediately feel attracted to the features that it offers – and design plays a significant role in it.

What makes the design so good

  • Great choice of color. The Airbnb website is all about white which creates a sense of space, freedom and home coziness. It makes you feel as if you are at home already – a great way to start booking an apartment!
  • User-friendly navigation. The website offers you search choices right away: either an apartment, restaurant or experience with locals.
  • Suggestions on the front page. Right below the “search” bar, you can see the recommended places and apartments to choose from. Such placement increases the chances of upselling as the user is not pushed to buy but is only shown an option to do so.


Dropbox is a file hosting company and offers cloud storage (and personal cloud) together with file synchronization. The service is easy to use and, apart from the web app, can also be installed on the user’s desktop. Dropbox allows collaboration over documents and easy management of files of different formats, including images and scanned files.

What makes the design so good

  • Strong CTA. Right on the eye level, there is a bright “Try free for 30 days” button. Sounds convincing enough, doesn’t it?
  • Smart homepage layout. While the upper part of the page is simple and contains only the CTA, as you scroll down you will see more details: pricing, features, etc.
  • Use of white space. Dropbox is not afraid of using the minimal amount of images and content on its page, allowing powerful slogan to do the work.


KIND Snacks

KIND is an American company that sells highly nutritional and gluten-free snacks. The company is also known for its KIND movement that encourages people to support causes and change the world for the better. KIND snacks have received many awards and are certified by the NON-GMO Project.

What makes the design so good

  • Holiday theme. A high-resolution full-screen image displays a variety of snacks in gift boxes with fir branches framing them. It looks so cozy that you immediately feel the urge to make a purchase – so the visual element on the page is a powerful one indeed.
  • All-important content on top of the page. The homepage right from the start offers you not only to shop but also to explore the variety of products that KIND offers.
  • Visible incentives. As you scroll down a bit, you will immediately see special offers and discounts that are supported by attractive images.


Bliss sells affordable skin wellness products that are PETA-certified and have none of the bad or suspicious ingredients. Bliss positions itself as a company with positive vibes that promotes fun, self-care, self-appreciation and easy approach towards life. And their website 100% represents the message.

What makes the design so good

  • Bold colors. The use of bright blue, yellow and pink colors perfectly reflects the brand and its mood. You immediately understand what kind of brand is in front of you and how it wants to be perceived.
  • Good use of words. The website has a list that says “paraben-free, cruelty-free” and so on. But what makes it stand out is the use of additional words in brackets (like “always) that, together with the list, create a powerful message: phthalate-free (no thanks!).
  • Smart placement of products. Bliss places its bestsellers on top of the page and each product comes together with a price, short-description and “add to bag” button. Such placement increases the chances of selling more, no matter if the user is new or returning.

Dr Martens

drmartens design.png

These boots are known for being both aggressive yet stylish and kind of classic – a complex message to pass to the customers. However, Dr Martens website copes with the task and fully reflects the brand and its “rock’n’roll” mood via strong content and wise color schemes.

What makes the design so good

  • The color of the website. The official Dr Martens logo is black and yellow – and the website is also designed in these colors. It looks bold enough, yet, it immediately lets you know what kind of shoes you’ll find in the store.
  • Connection with the customers. There is a photo gallery right on top of the homepage that features different people wearing Dr Martens shoes. All of them are the brand’s customers that simply submitted their photos and were chosen for the gallery on the official website.
  • Simple and laconic design. eCommerce theme design is always tricky – Dr Martens has already gained reputation and trust so they don’t strive to amaze. Instead, they get down to business: offer to shop the original shoes and display various product galleries. All additional information, like a brand story, can be found on the bottom of the page.



Ahrefs is a website that offers SEO analysis and backlink indexing. Though it’s not a classic “branded” website, it’s on our list because its homepage perfectly reflects the message and the company’s purpose.

What makes the design so good

  • Strong headline. Because Ahrefs offers a B2B product, it immediately presents a clear value proposition on its homepage, listing down everything its product can do.
  • Nothing extra. The homepage has a screenshot of a working Ahrefs tool, a list of features and an impressive list of testimonials and clients. Such an approach towards design lets you know right away that the brand is aware of its value.
  • Convincing CTA. Ahrefs straight away offers a 7-day trial for $7 only. Because its product is one of the best analytical tools in the market, the user feels lucky to try it for such low price.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is a fashion brand that is recognized worldwide and is known to be incredibly stylish and classy. However, it does a great job in appealing to all sorts of customers – and its homepage contributes to it greatly.ecomm

What makes the design so good

  • Short videos. The homepage features short videos that show different women wearing the brand’s clothes and having fun. They laugh, smile, spin and play with clothes – and at the same time, create an impression that the brand is affordable and anything but boring.
  • Smart use of colors. The website has only two colors: black and white, that’s all. Nothing more, except for the photos and videos but altogether, it creates a strong impression and carries the right sort of message.
  • Good copy. First of all, it’s minimalistic: the homepage has only a few CTAs, the name of the collection and that’s it. Secondly, it’s wise. The offer to sign-up for the email notifications says: “Be the first”. And to be honest, it does sound appealing and makes you feel special.

A piece of advice

In order to make your homepage stand out and reflect the brand, first of all, you have to clearly define the following: who is your target audience and what message do you want to carry? With what do you associate your brand and how would you like it to be perceived?

Despite certain design trends that dictate how the website should look, one should remember that every business is unique and thus should use only those practices that fit it.



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